Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Skin Care Finds #1

After suffering from bad skin since my early teens Ive tried lots of products and have never found anything that has worked from clinique to MD formulations. The only thing thats made it managable is proactiv but still Im always looking at reviews but i guess everyones different. Ive tried Dermalogica a few times and last week I had a facial. After researching on the internet I found a cheaper range from dermalogica which is aimed at late teens. I ordered the sample kit to try as I dont wanna waste my money on full size if it doesnt work. Thought I'd let you know as I haven't really seen much on this range heres the link if your interest- http://www.teen-skincare.co.uk/
Sorry for rubbish picture camera ran out of battery
I also purchased some Liz Earle items after reading so much about it. I ordered these of ebay in a set for £15 with p+p. Thanks for reading let me know what you think and of any items you suggest!!

Friday, 7 October 2011

Fashion Finds #2

Urban Decay Naked Palette From Debenhams £35

Topshop Loafers £28

Primark dress £17

Miss Selfridge loafers £35 with discount £17
These are just a few items I've got over last 2 weeks or so. Went to primark y'day dunno whether its me being cheap or prices seems to have gone up lot! I brought the dress for £17 which I think is alot for primark but really something like that in say Topshop would be like £45 so I kinda convinced myself into buying, plus I love the bow tie! Brought the urban decay palette I everyone's got one but I've read some good reviews, I'm no beauty expert so I've been looking at tutorials on You tube to help! Thinking of starting to do some outfit posts but its finding a space to take pictures. I'm looking for a bowler hat atm fingers crossed I find one in my cheap price range :)