Sunday, 15 January 2012

Recent Purchases

Primark Playsuit £15
Primark Jumper £12

Topshop Trousers £38
Here's just a few things I've brought over this week. Have been wanting these trousers for ages they first came out a few months ago in green and sold out quickly, so didn't hesitate to buy them when I saw them instore.Love the fit of the trousers and they are so comfy to wear. Yet again i'm going on about prices but I do think Primark clothes are getting more expensive but really wanted this playsuit (obsessed with collars) being petite didn't think it would fit me.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

All things beauty related

Hope everyone has had a amazing Christmas and New Year sorry not blogged for a while couldn't think of much to say and have been busy with uni etc. Thought I'd share some beauty items I've brought recently which I think are amazing.
 If you read my blog you will know I constantly struggle with bad skin and have for years, this Estee Lauder purchase was pretty pricey for me but I've read lots of good reviews on it and thought I'd give it ago when student finance came through! It's only been a few days and I've notice a huge different in my skin, using it a night before moisturiser if akes my skin feel so nice. Anyway I update you on the product. I managed to find it on ebay for buy it now £10 cheaper than buying direct from Estee Lauder. I would recommend a look.

This Bourjois rotating mascara is another purchase which I have read lots about. I've never really found a mascara which I would recommend and go back time and time again to buy but I really love this product. Its the only mascara I've found which I don't get clumps. If you know me then you will know I like to get the best for my money so I'm always on Ebay. This is where I brought this from, you can also purchase it from ASOS.
These brushes were a bargain a £3.50 from ELF which I brought over the weekend as they had free postage. I always read blogs and see people using MAC brushes I want but there just to pricey for me so I decided to try these. There really good and would highly recommend these ELF brushes their the best "cheap" brushes I've tried.
Hope everyone has enjoyed the post I've love to hear your comments!